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What we are looking for

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Our Criteria

Unfortunately there are some companies we are not able to help. We feel it only right that we set out the 'ideal' profile of businesses that we work with. Although we are not rigid in our approach, if you fit into the following criteria you could benefit from contacting us.

Ideally, our clients:

  • Have a trading history of at least three years or, if a new venture, a personal track record in your sector.
  • Are manufacturing, trading or service companies.
  • Are profitable or at least show a profit in the last three years.
  • Can be new ventures and ideally the key management will have been associated with successful business

If you are looking to expand your business or reduce costs, it would be desirable if you were receptive to either sourcing products or services from East Europe, or the possibility of taking an interest in a supplier or other suitable joint venture business partner there.

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