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Be wary in the current economic climate...
Cost Savings

Be wary in the current economic climate

Never has there been a better time to seek lower cost products and services.

Remove the barriers to lower costs.

Find out how...

Reducing your business costs

Sourcing products or services

Over the last couple of years many businesses have had difficulty in just surviving let alone expanding or making significant profits. By considering sourcing products or services from countries that have a lower cost base your profitability could be improved.

We have a large network of contacts in East Europe and could locate just the right partners to enable you to take advantage of the lower costs. If you would like to explore these possibilities further please make contact with us for a no obligation review to find out how this could help your business.

By acquisitions

There can be major cost savings in acquiring a company that is already providing goods or services as used in your business. We also have potential sources of funds that would be very interested in providing any investment required for expansion where the business has interests in East Europe. From finding a target business in UK or East Europe to finalising the right deal for you, we can use our contacts and experience to help you realise your vision and achieve a successful future.

Just one of the benefitsórealising the value of your business

We can help owner managed companies to release equity. This can be by outright sale or partial exit by letting an investor take a stake in your company to provide security for the future, as well as realising equity for the owners. These deals can take many forms but our priority is to maximise the benefits to the owners while preserving the future of the business and its staff. A company benefitting from lower costs than its competitors and with exposure to emerging markets so near to the UK can be particularly attractive to investors.

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